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Kenneth Del Vecchio

  • Filmmaker - Critically acclaimed writer/director/producer of over 20 feature films:

    The Great Fight
    The Life Zone
    Rock Story

    An Affirmative Act
    Scavenger Killers
    Captured Hearts  

    Kinky Killers
    The Grand Theft 


    O.B.A.M Nude
    Real Gangsters
    Three Chris's
    The Drum Beats Twice
    Pride & Loyalty
    Alone in the Dark 2

    Tinsel Town
    Rules For Men
    The Crimson Mask
    Here and There

  • Author - Best-selling author of national criminal codebook, Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide to the Penal Statutes (Prentice Hall), New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice (New Jersey Law Journal Books), Test Prep Guide to Accompany New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice (New Jersey Law Journal Books), New York Code of Criminal Justice (Prentice Hall) and upcoming works.
  • Novelist - Penned three published fiction novels:
    The Great Hesit (Transit Publishing, 2011)
    Pride & Loyalty
    (Bestseller - Commonwealth Publications, 1997)
    Revelation in the Wilderness (Celebrity Author Contract -Authorhouse, 2000)
  • Film Festival Chariman - Founder and chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival
  • Newspaper Publisher - Publisher of New Jersey daily newspaper, Garden State Journal
  • Criminal Law Instructor - As the owner of The Criminal Law Learning Center, has taught criminal law to ove 1,000 police officers and attorneys.
  • Former Judge - one of the youngest in state history
  • Attorney - Tried over 400 cases

“The Life Zone has caused an uproar”
-Newsweek/The Daily Beast

“[The Life Zone] is a psychological thriller bringing an emphatically anti-abortion slant to the hot-button issue”
-The Los Angeles Times

"[The Great Fight] film will have you thinking"

“Just like all great horror films, Del Vecchio’s movie has a shocking twist”
-The Colbert Report

“The Life Zone is a thriller with a message”

"The genius of Del Vecchio’s writing is that he constantly tricks the audience with brilliant twists and turns that, although no one sees them coming, they are nonetheless realistic"

-CBS's TV.com

"Could [Del Vecchio's movie] Pride & Loyalty be a contender at the upcoming Oscars?"
- TV Guide

"Del Vecchio sets a crime scene as cinematic as any John Grisham novel"
- Herald News

"A dynamic guy who seems to be able to do anything that challenges him…[Del Vecchio's criminal codebook] has had rave reviews"
- Gloucester County Times

Tinsel Town is "a stylish crime thriller"
- Soap Opera Update

'"George Thomas, a professor at Rutgers Law School in Newark, said the book fills a void. No other book,' he said, 'attempts to show how the statutes are used in practice. To be honest,' he added, 'I'm jealous that I didn't come up with the idea myself.'"
- The New York Times

"There is nothing ordinary in An Affirmative Act, a natural result of its creator Del Vecchio who, by all accounts, fulfills the rare role of a modern-day Renaissance Man" -CBS's TV.com

"Lawyer, Writer, Director.and President?"
- Gloucester County Times
"Jack of All Trades, Master of All: Midas Touch"
- Dateline Journal
"Renaissance Man: A Profile of Success"
- Hudson County's The Observer
"He's Going Hollywood in Hawthorne" - Herald News
"The Triple Threat: Prosecutor, Producer, Politician"
- The Shopper News
"Lawyer Ken Del Vecchio is also an author, filmmaker, and actor"
- The Star-Ledger
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